Tough question: What really is pop?

- Popmusic.jpgAnd who is pop? Britney Spears? The Beatles? Metallica? "Never!" scream the rockers. Yet pop has generally been defined as entertaining music that is appreciated by a relative majority of people.


All of them have been at the top of the charts at some time. Pop, therefore, is simply short for popular. And one can hardly disagree that it is also "entertaining" when heavy-metal fans swing their manes to guitar riffs, or when the girls fainted and collapsed at Beatles concerts, or when Britney Spears gave Madonna a big smooch. There are some experts, however, who define pop very differently: pop songs are songs with verse and refrain. With simple harmonies, hummable melodies and catchy lyrics. The appearance of pop took place at the same time that rock and roll saw its triumph in the 1950s.


At that time, pop was pop as long as it captured the spirit of youth. And, of course, it had to be brought to you by charismatic personalities. By this definition, it is a moot question whether or not Metallica is pop. NOXON, at any rate, has access to over 1700 proclaimed pop stations alone. But in actuality, just about every one of the 11000 stations that the NOXON delivers to living rooms everywhere has some pop in it. Discover it for yourself.

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