Your NOXON has to be connected in the same network (same switch / Hub) as the PC you are using to perform the update.
We stongly recommend you connect both NOXON and PC via network cable.
Please note that all network settings and locally saved favorites will be lost when performing the update!


The latest firmwareupdates for NOXON are available here:




If the bootloaders is less than 6834, first update the bootloader as decribed under 'Bootloaderupdate'





1. open the webinterface with a PC in the same network by tiping the 'Software address (IP)' in the address bar of a browser.




2. start the NOXONs updatemode by selecting 'Firmware Update' -> 'Prepare for Firmware Update'




3. click on 'Browse' and select the corresponding firmware file from the folder 'Firmware'




4. click on 'Upload' to verify if the firmware is the right one




5. click on 'OK' to install the firmware update




6. during the update, the progress is shown




7. after a restart, Please run the Network assistant to integrate the NOXON to your network


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