German "Schlager": Radio Paloma

Location: Germany, Berlin

Radio Paloma - 100% german "Schlager". - radio_paloma.png
From "Guten Morgen Deutschland" until "Nachtschicht" you get information, entertainment and lots of hits and oldies from the german hit parade. A fan shouldn't miss it.

In any given hour, you might hear: Semino Rossi, Andy Borg, Bernd Clüver

Country: Nashville FM

- Nashville FM.pngLocation: Holland, Rotterdam

Nashville FM's story is actually a story of failure. Even though the Dutch station had almost 500,000 listeners, it was forced to shut down in 2003 due to insufficient advertising revenue. Country listeners in the older age groups are just not considered a relevant target group for advertisers. Supported by donations, the station now continues its success on the Internet, which is why their listeners will not have to do without all of the great catchy tunes from the U.S. country charts in the future.

In any given hour, you might hear: Bellamy Brothers, Keith Anderson, Carrie Underwood

World Music: Iranian Radio - Persian Pop

- Iranian Radio – Persian Pop.pngLocation: Iran, Teheran

This Iranian station plays rhythmic Persian pop from its own cultural area, which also includes Afghanistan and Tajikistan. This pop music in turn picks up the style of traditional folk music of peoples such as the Bakhtiyari, Kurds or Turkmen. Pop music was prohibited after the Iranian revolution of 1979, which is why many musicians emigrated to the USA where they encountered the disco sound of the West, which now has found its way into their music.

In any given hour, you might hear: Ebi, Hengameh, Shahram Shabpareh

Pop: France Inter Paris (FIP)

- France Inter Paris.pngLocation: France, Paris

FIP is an institution in France. There are two reasons for this. For one, in the 1970s this national radio network rid the barren radio landscape of La Grande Nation of blank spots with its niche programming. Secondly, it offers an exquisite music selection including chansons, rock, world music and jazz. In several cities, the station has since had to give up its frequencies, but fortunately FIP is still broadcasting in Paris.

In any given hour, you might hear: José Gonzalez, Emily Loizeau, Renaud Papillon Paravel

Classical: RadioCrazy Classical

- RadioCrazy Classical.pngLocation: Switzerland, Zurich

A sophisticated listener would at first probably not even think about giving a classical music channel at a station called RadioCrazy so much as a try. Yet, this stream from Switzerland is actually something for true aficionados because its program contains the entire spectrum of European classical music from four centuries and RadioCrazy Classical has specialised in the conservation and playback of legendary and rare sound recordings on shellac records.

In any given hour, you might hear: Antonio Vivaldi, Richard Wagner, Anton Bruckner

Jazz: Qfm

- Qfm.pngLocation: Spain, Tenerife
This polyglot station on the sunny island of Tenerife is attempting an impressive balancing act by blending together jazz, soul, blues and funk from over 100 countries. Genre programs such as "Ritmos Fascinantes" introduce you to Flamenco and Bossa Nova in Spanish, and the moderator of "Jazzbox" is Eddie Meyer—who, after all, is a renowned German saxophonist. The charts on the website highlight the true gems of the program. Bravo!

In any given hour, you might hear: Ester Andújar, Larry Carlton, Brenda Boykin

Campus Radio: Fréquence Banane

- Fréquence Banane.pngLocation: Switzerland, Lausanne

This Swiss student radio has in fact teetered on the brink of collapse. In 2005, despite massive protests, the Federal Office of Communications had revoked the frequency license of the non-commercial and colourful station, which provided many students with the opportunity to obtain their first technical or editorial experience. The future held only two options: cable radio, which students often cannot afford, or, of course, Internet radio, which is why Fréquence Banane continues to have loyal online listeners on campus.

In any given hour, you might hear: Gorillaz, Amanda Palmer, Air

Blues: Cool Blue

- Cool Blue.pngLocation: New Zealand, Paihia

This is another lovingly run radio station that emigrated to the Internet and increased its number of listeners by doing so. By no means a surprise, as a radio frequency in New Zealand has a rather limited geographic reach. Cool Blue wants to fundamentally set itself apart from mainstream commercial radio. They rummage through their entire song library for fuzzy blues and old jazz and play music without all that annoying radio chatter. Well done!

In any given hour, you might hear: Various artists

Techno: Digitally Imported

- Digitally Imported.pngLocation: USA, New York

Wow! This Internet radio station offers a total of 22 different streams of electronic music that you can receive via NOXON. Everything from classic techno to variations of house music and the kicking beats of drum 'n' bass and dance tunes. The location in the USA only plays a minor role, since many of the DJs played here are spinning records at night clubs all over the world anyway. We warmly recommend this techno stream as an example of a globalised club culture.

In any given hour, you might hear: Renato Cohen, Christian Fischer & DJ Murphy, Peppelino

Big Band: The Penthouse Radio

- The Penthouse Radio.pngLocation: USA, New York

A roof deck apartment in New York, an elegant party, nice guests, cool drinks. This is the appropriate lounge music for it. The music is from the "Great American Songbook", which comprises orchestral, swing and jazz-inflected pop music without the influence of rock 'n' roll, which was still considered to be disgraceful at the time. The songs were frequently written for Broadway musicals. In this respect, the Internet radio station is like a good wine. Best enjoyed in its full expression.

In any given hour, you might hear: Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles

Ambient: RMNrelax

- RMNrelax.pngLocation: Germany, Saarbrücken

A beautiful photomontage is shown on the website of this German Internet radio station. Someone is lying in the green grass with arms and legs stretched out and several audio speakers have been placed around him—no doubt, they are playing the relaxing sounds of this radio stream:
Smooth Jazz, Dream House, New Age, Trip Hop, Dub, Experimental Electronics and Pop. Let's wish our friend, who is unwinding in the photo, a good time watching the clouds float by.

In any given hour, you might hear: Sven Klitsch, Coldplay, Electrapilot

Folk: Radio Cirilica

- Radio Cirilica.pngLocation: Serbia, Belgrade

The American band, Beirut, is unbelievably popular among pop fans these days. Though on their first album "Gulag Orkestar" they have not done anything else really other than incorporating traditional Balkan folk music, which has always been broadcasted by this audiolicious radio station from Serbia. In addition to gypsy music, the styles include polka tracks, music for brass instruments and folk dances from this cultural area, which includes the former Yugoslavia as well as Greece and Bulgaria.

In any given hour, you might hear: Biljana Krstic, Mira Pejic, Vasilija Radojcic

Oldies: Radio Veronica 192

- Radio Veronica 192.pngLocation: Holland,

Radio Veronica started in the 1960s as a pirate radio station that broadcasted under the Panamanian flag from international waters in front of the Dutch coast. Back then, Radio Veronica was the first to play new singles of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, among others, which made the illegal radio station popular. The station was shut down in 1974. Today, the station strives to conserve its legacy by playing the hits of that era.

In any given hour, you might hear: Donays, Marianne Faithfull, Curtis Mayfield

Independent: RantRadio Punk

- RantRadio Punk.pngLocation: Canada, Vancouver


This non-commercial Internet radio station from Canada, which was founded in 1999 by two college friends, aspires to be a virtual mosh pit. The punk stream works through American punk, ska and skatecore music, particularly from the last twenty years, delivering a non-stop barrage of melodic-rock two minute songs to your ears so that you can hardly keep your feet still. In the mood for going to a punk concert again some time?

In any given hour, you might hear: Rise Against, The Dwarves, Anti-Flag

Funk: Le Funk Boat

- Le Funk Boat.pngLocation: France, Paris

This Internet radio station from France has exactly the right kind of music for a sexy yacht party in Miami Beach—if you had your own yacht, of course. In any case, the non-stop nostalgia mix combines the disco grooves of the Studio 54 era with pulsating funk as Europeans know it from the American movies in the 1970s, and sometimes very soulful house. You can download many of the exquisite DJ mixes from the downloads area on the website and get ready to dance your socks off.

In any given hour, you might hear: George Clinton, Salsoul Orchestra, Sister Sledge

Ambient: Chill

- Chill.pngLocation: Great Britain, Bristol


This exceptional Internet radio station could save your life. It's a place to chill out. A place to escape from stress, overwork and, of course, annoying radio moderators everywhere. Lose yourself in the selection, which is chosen with a minimal amount of dogma and includes everything from ambient and electronica to soft guitar and pop. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that so many relaxed people in England express their admiration for the station on platforms such as MySpace. The best part is that the moderators are content to take a back seat.

In any given hour, you might hear: Enigma, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros

Campus Radio: Radio Student

- Radio_Student.pngLocation: Slovenia, Ljubljana 



Radio Student has been on the air since 1969, and as such it is not just the radio establishment in Slovenia, but is also one of the oldest non-commercial stations in Europe. In the 1970s, Radio Student provided the listeners of then Yugoslavia with exclusive progressive rock, soul and jazz via FM radio. Today, in addition to the musical styles of those earlier times, modern music from pop to techno are also played. Radio Student also airs reports on politics, community and the arts.  


In any given hour, you might hear: Dusty Springfield, Arctic Monkeys, Fucked Up


Reggae: Regggggey

- 101_ru-Reggea.jpgLocation: Russia, Moscow



In addition to Soviet music from the 1930s and over 80 other genres, Russia's first ever Internet radio has multiple channels and of course offers a separate red/yellow/green station for Bob Marley and all of his friends. And because "positive vibrations" are a seriously taken aim in the chilly cold of Moscow, the reggae musical style at is spelled with five G's, and one can sit back and enjoy great and exclusive Rastafarian hits back to back. 


In any given hour, you might hear: Alpha Blondy, Ziggy Marley, Gentleman and The Far East Band

Folk: Radio IO Folk

- Radio-IO-Folk.jpgLocation: USA, Tampa (Florida)



The multi-channel IO Internet radio station from Florida offers numerous moderated stations, including one for folk music. This station follows the long history of American folk music, from its birth in the 1950s, to the protest songs of Bob Dylan in the 60s, to electric folk-rock, which spans up to and includes today. With many rediscovered treasures, their music selection should be a gold mine especially for folk fans in Europe.


In any given hour, you might hear: Elliott Smith, John Hiatt, Fairpoint Convention 


Classical: Mandjou Radio

Location: Switzerland, Geneva


One Australian listener in his profile remarked, "this music keeps me intellectually fit", with regard to the classical selection that the well assorted Mandjou Radio has to offer. "This station makes work go more smoothly", said a German classical fan. Indeed, the piano sonatas, string quartets and violin concerts, from Beethoven, to Bach, to Schubert, emanate so much sublimity that one can listen and address important tasks simultaneously. 


In any given hour, you might hear: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach

Jazz: Radio Art


- Radio-Art.jpgLocation: Greece, Athens


Greek Internet station with a culturally rich radio team that brings wonderful black jazz from the first half of the 20th Century into its listeners' homes, as well as smaller portions of early music from rock n' roll and soul and a selection of classical music. A taste of interesting ethnic music from southern Europe is played, too. Sum total: an ideal station for a sophisticated listener.


In any given hour, you might hear: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Artie Shaw & His Orchestra


Campus Radio: Köln Campus

Koeln_Campus.jpgLocation: Deutschland, Köln

By far, the best college radio in Germany comes from beautiful Cologne. Though the student announcers still don't always have much personality, the programme directors have such a wonderful all-round knowledge of the last 30 years of music history that even the most die-hard genre listeners will be enthusiastic about the mix of styles, encompassing indie rock, urban sounds, electro and jazz. Top marks for that! 

In any given hour, you might hear: mgmt, Tori Amos, Prince

Blues: Blue Ears

- Blue_Ears.jpgLocation: Suriname, Paramaribo

This station from the tropical South American country of Suriname, an ex-Dutch colony just north of Brazil, literally has every shade of blues. Coming directly from the waterfront of the capital, this station plays everything from raw Delta blues to lively Memphis blues to English Blues revivals and current blues-rock—everything an open-minded blues fan could want.

In any given hour, you might hear: Tim Lothar Petersen, Stan Webb, Kid Ramos

Country: Always Country

head.jpgLocation: USA, Las Vegas

Always Country is a non-commercial, interactive radio network of American and German country music fans who serve as DJs, hosting programs geared toward their various tastes. During live shows, listeners can even e-mail in requests for songs from eight decades of country, whether from "Singing Cowboy" Roy Rogers, Johnny Cash, or Faith Hill. Listeners from 200 countries can't be wrong. 

In any given hour, you might hear: Hank Williams, Steve Wariner, Ray Stevens

New Age: Whisperings - Solo Piano Radio

whisperingsradio_new6.jpgLocation: USA, Eugene (Oregon)

Wonderful online radio station devoted totally and completely to contemporary piano sounds. Well over 100 largely unknown, but highly talented, US-based pianists have joined together to market their compositions, most of a contemplative nature. For 30 dollars a year, you can hear the stream in CD quality, without the brief commercial interruptions. However, even the free version of Whisperings is a real pleasure.

In any given hour, you might hear: Danny Wright, Alessandra Celletti, Greg Maroney

Hard Rock: Metal Express

metal_express.jpgLocation: Norwegen, Oslo

Metal Express has been around for over 20 years. The Oslo-based station is an institution and tastemaker when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal. With a song archive of well over 25,000 tracks and programme directors who play both essential new releases and old hits, even the most die-hard fans can discover something new. 

In any given hour, you might hear: Within Temptation, Satyricon, Cradle Of Filth

Ambient: The Buzzoutroom

Buzzoutroom.jpgLocation: Kanada, Toronto

Canada's Sean, the voice behind the one-man operation called the "Buzzoutroom", is what you would call a music nerd. He not only provides his listeners with a great selection of spacey and relaxing crossfaded tracks including downbeat, ambient sounds, and smooth indietronics, he also writes a blog on his website and works to build a community.  

In any given hour, you might hear: Dub Tractor, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Ulrich Schnauss

Folk: Folk Radio UK

Folk_Radio_UK.jpgLocation: Hammersmith, England

This great non-commercial station plays traditional British folk and Celtic music from the early 1960s to the present, in which the vocal style and instrumentation of fiddle, bagpipes, flute and accordion often bring centuries-old roots to life. You can hear workers' ballads from the 19th century, political protest songs from the 1980s, old-style instrumental folk and rare live recordings.

In any given hour, you might hear: Maddy Prior, Dick Gaughan, Fairport Convention

Reggae: Polskastacja w rhytmie Reggae

Polskastacja.jpgLocation: Polen, Warschau

Jamaica and reggae is the ultimate symbiosis of geography and music. However, even in the colder climes of Poland, people appreciate positive vibrations, as this pure genre channel of a large Warsaw-based radio station proves, which plays lots of tunes from the heroes of roots reggae. Indeed, the "One Love Sound Fest", Europe's largest indoor reggae festival, is held in Poland.

In any given hour, you might hear: Bob Marley & The Wailers, Alpha Blondy, Culture

Dance: Radio Progressive House

progressive_house_jp.jpgLocation: Japan, Tokio

The Japanese are not exactly famous for wild dancing and all-night parties. However, their reputation for hard work and attention to detail is unmatched. This also holds true of the Japanese electronic music freaks at this Internet radio station, who search out and piece together house tracks from the far corners of the club world. An outstanding feature of their mix is high-quality bootlegs of live DJ sets. 

In any given hour, you might hear: Audiofly, Oliver Koletzki, Trentemøller

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